Cabot Acoustics Loudspeakers

Our loudspeakers are meticulously hand crafted and designed for the purest audio play back. We combine state of the art audio components with hand selected cabinet materials to create a series of loudspeakers built to last a life time.

We specialize in creating loudspeakers designed to showcase the impressive capabilities of high quality full range drivers. By eliminating the crossover required by multi way loudspeakers, our single driver loudspeakers maintain a level of coherency typically unheard of in conventional speakers. 

Single driver loudspeakers are unique in their ability to resolve a high level of detail from high quality recordings. They are especially good at reproducing the natural tone of the human voice and acoustic instruments.

Those who prefer to listen to politer genres such as vocal and acoustic recordings, small scale jazz and blues bands will likely find something unique and special in our single driver loudspeakers. 

While our single driver loudspeakers can handle a variety of genres, those with a taste for more aggressive or synthesized recordings may wish to integrate a dedicate bass solution or look for a multi-way loudspeaker with a dedicated bass drivers.

                                                   the highland series



I have two pair available in this model both are built from solid cherry one with a tigerwood front baffle and one with a figured cherry baffle.  A blend of linseed oil and beeswax has been applied and buffed out by hand for a very natural look and feel.

The drivers in this pair are the highly respected Alpair 7 from Markaudio. The clarity, detail and imaging from these speakers is exceptional. Perfect by themselves in a small room or paired with a sub-woofer in a larger space.





Frequency response 55-30,000hz

Sensitivity 85.8db

Power handling: 20 watts continuous

 Price:$695.00  Cdn.



Skyline Series 

Edition 1


Built from Walnut and Elm, these stand mount/bookshelf speakers were designed with the critical listener in mind. This particular set uses a pair of state of the art point source drivers capable of resolving an incredible amount of detail. Given the revealing nature of the drivers used in this build, these speakers are best matted to very high quality source components, as they will reveal all of the subtle details, good and bad, of the connected electronics.


Frequency Response: 45 - 20,000hz

Sensitivity: 89.5db

Power Handling: 30 watts continuous

regular price $1175.00

clearance price $850.00

bookcase specials


This small bookcase set are built from cherry with book matched tiger wood (Goncalo Alves)front baffles. They feature the 7cm CHR70 full range driver more forgiving to average quality recordings. Ideal for near field listening or matted with bass support in larger spaces. They are finished with a blend of linseed oil and polyurethane. 

These are a great little highly detailed speaker for everyday listen.


frequency response: 40-25,000hz

Sensitivity: 85.5db

Power handling: 20 watts

Regular price $550.00

Sale price$300.00